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Kevin Fegan Memorial House League Hockey Tournament

Rules and Guidelines   



All rules and regulations for the tournament will follow those of Hockey Canada, the Ontario Hockey Federation and Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario.

The tournament is open to recreational house league and local league teams only. No Select or MD teams.

Only arena personnel, referees, conveners, and timekeepers are allowed in the area of the timekeeper’s box.

This is a NON-CONTACT tournament. There will be ZERO tolerance for any hitting from behind.

All games will have a 3-goal cap per player (excluding overtime).


General Policies

Tournament Format: The tournament will consist of a preliminary round-robin round, a semi-final round (depending on number of registered teams), and a championship round. Unless otherwise specified, teams will play a minimum of three games each in the preliminary round to determine which team advances.

The format for the semi/championship round will depend on the number of participating teams and will be published prior to the start of the tournament.

Tournament Schedule: The full schedule will be available to all participating teams prior to the start of the tournament.

Registration: All teams must submit approved rosters approved by their sanctioning body (Alliance, GTHL, OMHA, etc.) two weeks prior to the start of the tournament. Only players who are on the officially approved team roster will be allowed on the ice. Only team officials who are on an official approved team roster will be allowed on the bench.

Team officials must report to the tournament office one hour before their first game for registration. For subsequent games, team officials must sign in thirty (30) minutes prior to the star of their scheduled game time.

Electronic game sheets will be used for all games.

Affiliated players: AP players are not allowed to participate except at the Goaltender position. Affiliated goalies MUST be registered before the first game and may only play for one team in the tournament. No affiliated player may play in the semi-final or championship game unless they have played in at least one game of the round-robin preliminary. Any team found using an ineligible participant during the tournament shall be automatically disqualified.

Mandatory Equipment: All teams are required to use all appropriate equipment as mandated by their sanctioning body, i.e. OMHA teams are required to wear mouth guards.

Game Format

Length of Games:

Preliminary Round: 10-10-12 minute periods / no time outs / no overtime

Semi-Final: 10-10-12 minute periods / no time outs / with overtime (see below)

Championship Final: 10-10-12 minute periods / 1 x 30 second timeout per team / with overtime (see below)

Points will be awarded as follows:

   Two (2) points for a win

   One (1) point for a tie

   One (1) point for a shutout

   Zero (0) points for a loss

Curfew: Curfews may arise during preliminary round-robin games. Curfews can only be imposed by the Tournament Convener. There will be no curfews during semi-finals or the championship game.

Tie Breaker: Upon completion of the preliminary or semi-final round, if two or more teams are tied in points, standings will be determined as follows:

1. Head to Head: If teams are tied and they played each other in the preliminary round, the team that won the game will be awarded a higher position in the standings.

2. Least Penalties: If still tied, the team with the lowest penalty minutes will be awarded the higher position.

3. Goals Against: If still tied, the team that has the least goals against will be awarded the higher position.

4. Goal Average: If still tied, the team with the best goal average will be awarded the higher position. The goal average of a team is determined by dividing the total number of goals for by the total number of goals for and against in all games played.

5. Coin Toss. If still tied after the application of all of the above, the Tournament Committee will decide the final standings by a coin toss.

Default: Should a team default its scheduled game(s), its opponent(s) will be awarded a 1-0 win, and 2 points.

Mercy Rule: If the goal differential is more than five (5) goals at any time in the 3rd period of any game the clock will not stop until the goal differential becomes less than 5 goals; at which time it will revert back to stop time. The score clock will not show more than a 5-goal differential.

Game Start: Teams must be ready to start their game fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled game time. Players are not allowed onto the ice until after the Zamboni doors are shut and the referees have taken the ice.

Handshakes will take place BEFORE the game, after a two minute warmup.

Flooding of the ice surface will occur at the end of each game.

Linesman: A two-man referee/linesman system will be used for all games except the Championship Games, where a three-man referee/linesman system will be used.

Time Outs: Time-outs will NOT be allowed during the preliminary round or the semi-final round games. One (1) 30-second time-out per team is allowed in the championship game.

All games (preliminary, semi-final, and final) will have a three-goal cap per player, per game, excluding overtime.

Overtime: There is no overtime in the preliminary round, only the semi-finals and championship games.

Overtime will be sudden death; the first team to score, wins.

Teams will not change ends.

All overtime period(s) will be run time and use the following format:

1. 5 minute 3-on-3: There will be a 5-minute, 3-on-3, run-time, sudden death overtime. Teams must start with 3 skaters and 1 goaltender.

3. 1 minute 1-on-1: If the game is still tied at the end of the 3-on-3, teams will move to a 1-on-1, run-time, 1 minute period. Teams must start with 1 skater and 1 goaltender. The 1-on-1 skater cannot go again until after every eligible skater on the bench has participated in the 1-on-1.  The 1-on-1 overtime period will repeat until someone scores. 

Minor penalties in overtime will result in a penalty shot for the opposing team.

Major penalties in overtime will result in a game ejection and possible further discipline.

Players who have reached their three-goal cap during regular play are free to score during overtime.

Change Rooms: Teams must vacate their change room within twenty (20) minutes following their game.

Female players will be assigned a separate (girls only) change room for each game.

Special requests for change-room access can be accommodated by contacting the tournament office prior to the start of the tournament.

Any damage done to the facilities by a player or team official will involve their immediate removal from the tournament. Upon review, the team may also be removed from the tournament.

Teams will be responsible for payment of any damage done to the facilities by any of their players or team officials.

Spectators are NOT allowed in the bench area while the players are on the ice.

Team Colours: If opposing teams have the same or similar jersey colour, the visiting team will be required to change jerseys. The CYO will have coloured pinnies available.

Home vs Visitor: “Home” and “Visitor” designations will be identified on the tournament schedule. Semi-Final and Championship round “Home” designation will be assigned to the team with the most points in the preliminary round.

If the teams are tied, a coin toss will determine which team is Home.


There is no body checking allowed in any division.

There is ZERO tolerance for hitting from behind.

At the referees’ discretion, a two minute minor may be accessed to any player or coach who uses offensive language, or antagonistic gestures towards a referee, tournament official, team official, timekeeper, player, or coach.

Three (3) minor penalties in a game will result in a game ejection.

All fighting majors, match penalties, and gross misconduct penalties will result in immediate expulsion from the tournament and will be reported to the team’s governing body.

A team official must accompany an ejected player to the dressing room. The player is to remain in the dressing room until after the game is over and must be supervised at all times—no exceptions! Failure to comply with this rule could result in the player and head coach being ejected from the tournament.

Any team official ejected from a game must immediately leave the bench and vacate area and corridor behind the bench. They will automatically be suspended for the next game and upon review by the Tournament Committee, may be ejected from the balance of the tournament.

The Referees on-ice decisions are final and cannot be protested or appealed.

Any abusive or bullying behaviour on or off the ice (physical and/or verbal) conducted by any player, team official, on-ice official, game official, or spectator will not be tolerated, and may result in the individual being ejected for the remainder of the tournament and/or removed from the facility.

Any player or participant caught vaping within the facility (especially in the dressing rooms) will be ejected.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

A refund, minus $100 administrative fee, shall be given if a team withdraws on or before January 10th, 2020. 

No refund shall be given if a team withdraws after January 10th unless a replacement team is found. If a replacement team is found, all but the $100 administrative fee will be returned.

No refund shall be given if a team withdraws within 7 days of the start of the tournament (on or after February 1st, 2020) regardless of whether or not a replacement team is found. When this occurs, it is still the team's obligation to notify the tournament office the team will not be participating.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to resolve any issues related to the tournament based on its interpretation of the Tournament Rules, and its determination of what is fair and appropriate under the circumstances. All decisions by the Tournament Committee are final.

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