Lifetime Member Nomination (St Catharines CYO Minor Hockey)


Lifetime Member Nomination

Criteria for Nominations As per By-Law:


There shall be a class of Corporation Members designated "Honorary Life Members" who shall be so designated for their life-time in the criteria set out in these by-laws. Such members are non-voting members of the corporation and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges afforded individual regular members.

4.5 A Honorary Life Members shall be an individual who in the opinion of the Hockey Executive warrants this designation in that he/she has rendered extraordinary distinguished service to the CYO and its programs.

4.6 When determining if an individual should be designated as an Honorary Life Member the following guidelines should be referenced:

4.6.1 This category of membership is intended to be reserved for those very few individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the CYO;
4.6.2 The contributions of the individual should be multi-faceted within the CYO organization including but not limited to any particular team or program;
4.6.3 The individual shall have at all times conducted themselves in accordance with the Mission Statement of the Corporation and in the best interests of the Corporation, CYO programs, and all members of the Association;
4.6.4 The individual shall have been a member in good standing of the Corporation for a minimum of five hockey seasons;
4.6.5 The individual must be a member in good standing of the Corporation or have retired from the Corporation as a member in good standing.

4.7 The proposed individual shall be nominated in writing for consideration by any member in good standing of the Corporation prior to January 31 preceding any Annual General Meeting and the nomination should be supported with all relevant information supporting the nomination and addressing the criteria.

4.8 The nomination must be seconded by at least one other member in good standing.

4.9 The Hockey League Executive shall consider prior to February 28 preceding any Annual General Meeting the nomination materials and any other relevant information and the individual shall be designated an Honorary Life Member if 75% of the voting members of the Hockey League Executive vote in favour of the proposed designation.

4.10 At each AGM the Corporation shall recognize any Honorary Members designated during the preceding year and any other Honorary Life Members present at the AGM.

4.11 The CYO Website shall maintain a current roll of all Honorary Life Members.