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Organization Privacy Policy (updated: Mar 12, 2024)

CYO Minor Hockey will only collect information that is necessary to conduct hockey programming.

Player, coach, or volunteer name, contact information, and date of birth are collected to determine that the player’s geographical division of play and level of play information are consistent with Hockey Canada and OHF regulations.

Historical information concerning past teams played for is collected in order to determine team placement as well as determining if transfer regulations apply.

Information as to a player’s parent/guardian name, address, telephone numbers and email addresses are collected in order to facilitate emergency contact information as well as to ensure compliance with Hockey  Canada and OHF residency regulations.

At no time are lists generated for the purpose of marketing, or the sale of information.

Team Officials must comply with CYO's Privacy Policy. Team lists and phone numbers are not to be shared with anyone outside of the CYO and specifically may not be distributed to outside agencies, companies, associations or individuals.

Data pertaining to players and volunteers is not disclosed for public use.

MBSportsWeb Website Privacy Policy (updated: May 15, 2018)

This website is powered by the Sportsheadz Web platform whose full privacy policy is available here.  A summary of that privacy policy is as follows.  Sportsheadz Web does not collect, use, or distribute personal information other than what is required in order to provide support to associations and to issue invoices.  Each association who uses the Sportsheadz Web platform may collect personal information and should have their own privacy policies, however, Sportsheadz Web does not use this information for any purpose.

Other Third-Party Privacy Policies (updated: May 15, 2018)

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