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Life Members

The CYO is committed to use the game of hockey to provide an environment in which all participants, volunteers, and their families are afforded an opportunity to achieve personal growth, instill mutual respect, and contribute to the community.

We would like to congratulate the following members who have given so much of the their time in support of CYO Minor Hockey. Their dedication is the foundation of our organization and helps make the CYO what it is today.

"Honours are short lived. Deeds are long remembered. Your outstanding contributions will always be a reminder to those who follow. You have enhanced the meaning and goals of our youth program."

2017-18 Lee Wainwright
2017-18 Matt Hingston
2017-18 George Gadula
2016-17 Doug Lowther
2016-17 Gary McDonnell
2015-16 Paul Daoust
2015-16 Dave Gerow
2015-16 Renee Rochefort
2013-14 Connie Mack
2013-14 Michael (Mike) Fegan
2013-14 Anthony (Tony) Tullo
2012-13 Ed & Sandy Mokrzynski
2012-13 Al Lupish
2010-11 Joe Sheehan
2010-11 Bill Keogh
2010-11 Ken Forgeron
2010-11 Peter Hunt
2009-10 Father Stanley Cassin
2009-10 Joe McCaffery
2009-10 Kevin Fegan
2008-09 George Howard
2008-09 Geoff Alexander
2008-09 George Darte Sr.
2008-09 John Walsh
2008-09 Kim Bauer
2008-09 Chris Rogers
2008-09 Peter Lavell
2008-09 John MacDonald
2008-09 Brian Matuch
2008-09 Brad Minor
2008-09 Rick Jones
2008-09 Dave Varga
2008-09 Rick McMullin
2006-07 Joe Fegan
2006-07 Paul Carnegie
2006-07 Rick Garbacz
2003-04 Gord Burling
1998-99 Kathy Zutel
1998-99 Darla MacDonald

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