Atom, Divisions, Kevin Fegan Memorial Tournament (CYO Minor Hockey)

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Friday, February 7, 2020
AT-AA18:00 AMSP2 Kitchener Golden KnightsSt Catharines CYO Kings
AT-CA138:00 AMJack Erindale Atom 52St Catharines CYO Eagles
AT-BA78:00 AMSP1 St Catharines CYO Red WingsSt Catharines CYO Canadiens
AT-BA88:15 AMSP3 Kitchener Atom RedThorold Blackhawks
AT-CA149:00 AMJack Rosedale FirehawksKitchener Atom Orange
AT-AA29:15 AMSP4 London BanditsNorth London Nationals
AT-CA151:00 PMSP1 Rosedale FirehawksSt Catharines CYO Eagles
AT-AA31:15 PMJack London BanditsSt Catharines CYO Kings
AT-AA41:15 PMSP2 North London NationalsKitchener Golden Knights
AT-BA91:30 PMSP3 Kitchener Atom RedSt Catharines CYO Canadiens
AT-CA162:30 PMSP2 Kitchener Atom OrangeErindale Atom 52
AT-BA106:00 PMSP4 Thorold BlackhawksSt Catharines CYO Red Wings
Saturday, February 8, 2020
AT-AA68:00 AMSP3 North London NationalsSt Catharines CYO Kings
AT-AA58:15 AMSP4 London BanditsKitchener Golden Knights
AT-BA119:00 AMSP3 Kitchener Atom RedSt Catharines CYO Red Wings
AT-BA129:15 AMSP4 Thorold BlackhawksSt Catharines CYO Canadiens
AT-CA179:15 AMSP2 Rosedale FirehawksErindale Atom 52
AT-CA1810:00 AMSP3 Kitchener Atom OrangeSt Catharines CYO Eagles
AT-CHA194:45 PMSP2 6th place3rd place
AT-CHA204:45 PMSP4 5th place4th place
Sunday, February 9, 2020
AT-CHA219:15 AMSP1 winner game A192nd place
AT-CHA229:30 AMSP4 winner game A201st place
AT-CHA232:15 PMSP1 winner game A21winner game A22
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Jack - Jack Gatecliff Arena, 8 Gale Crescent, St Catharines, ON
  • SP1 - Seymour Hannah Sportsplex 1, 240 St Paul Street West, St Catharines, ON. Phone: 905-688-5601
  • SP2 - Seymour Hannah Sportsplex 2, 240 St Paul Street West, St Catharines, ON
  • SP3 - Seymour Hannah Sportsplex 3, 240 St Paul Street West , St Catharines, ON
  • SP4 - Seymour Hannah Sportsplex 4, 240 St Paul Street West, St Catharines, ON

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