Travel Permit (CYO Minor Hockey)

PrintTravel Permit
Travel permits are required for any teams who are playing outside their regular house league games, regardless of if the team is an Alliance center or a non-Alliance center.

This requirement includes:

- All Select Storm games
- All exhibition games (House League and/or Select)
- All tournaments (House League and Select)

The Head Coach or Team Manager needs to go to MINORHOCKEYFORMS.COM and create an account. Use an email address you CHECK OFTEN as this will be where the completed permits are sent.

Choose which of the 3 forms you require:

(1) An ALLIANCE tournament
(2) An Exhibition Game (Storm teams will need 99% of their forms here)
(3) A NON ALLIANCE tournament

Complete the form in full and submit it. The form will automatically send a request to the appropriate parties for approval. Once the permit has been approved, you will receive an email with instructions to return to the site and download the completed Permit as a PDF which you will be able to save and email to the tournament and/or print and bring with you to the game.

All out of country games require an insurance waiver.

Hockey Canada insurance covers a only maximum of $5,000 for out of country hockey related incidents. This coverage applies only to the registered CYO player who is playing in an event outside Canada. All other family members are not covered by this insurance. The CYO highly recommends that if you plan on attending any out of country games/tournaments you should ensure that you have adequate coverage through your personal insurance policy, or purchase additional private travel insurance for these events.

Coaches and Managers are to ensure all parents are aware of this insurance limit prior to the start of the current season or first away game.

Every player attending the out of country game is required to have their parent fill in the waiver and sign it before the player is allowed to participate. This goes for any and all AP players who may be in attendance, as well as backup or third goalies.

Coaches must return all forms to the CYO Office (Director of Development) before the travel permits for the out of country game(s) will be issued.