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Submitted By CYO Development on Saturday, August 22, 2020
Registration opens Monday August 24th for the 2020-2021 Season!

This is a key bonus for tendys, but there is room for only 1 per team, so don’t delay!

We are opening 3-on-3 U20 (Juvenille) to players born in 2002/2001 - so dust off the gear and get back on the ice!


This season is going to look a little (well, okay, a LOT) different, but we have done our very very best to get our CYO families back on the ice as safely as possible, following the guidelines set out by the OHF, Alliance Hockey, Niagara Health, and the City of St Catharines.
Following guidelines set out by our governing bodies and the ice allocation from the city, our season will be set out in a series of mini-seasons or blocks. This allows us the flexibility to adjust in any good-news-bad-news scenario (open up to more groups, or pause if things take a turn).
Families will need to register and pay for each of the 4 blocks as they open up. This means you essentially have an “extended” payment plan, with the season fee being taken care of in 4 smaller installments.
Block 1 is the shortest, and covers the 5 weeks of October.
Block 2 = November and December.
Block 3 = January and February.
Block 4 = March and April.
Players need to sign up and pay in full for each block as it happens.
U6 (FUNdamentals) and U7 (IP) = $50

U9 (Novice), U11 (Atom), U13 (Peewee), U15 (Bantam), U18 (Midget), U20 (Juvenile) = $110

Goalies: U11 (Atom) and up = $55 (NOTE: There are no dedicated goalies below U11 Atom)
Can I just register and pay for the whole season?
Registration is by block only. When Block 2 is open, we will notify all our families to confirm their registration and pay for block 2. Block 1 opens Monday August 24th, and covers the month of October only.
How will the teams be set up?
For U6 (FUNdamentals) and U7 (IP) we are restricted to no more than 25 on the ice per hour per city ice rules, which includes coaches. We will base the team setups on how many players we have signed up, and how many coaches we have available. Both of these programs will run 1 day a week.

IMPORTANT - FUNdamentals is a “learn the game” set up for players who have already taken a learn to skate program, or know the basics of skating. Registered players must be able to stand on skates on the ice under their own power. Due to restrictions on number of helpers allowed, we don’t have the available coaches to run learn to skate sessions.
U9 (Novice), U11 (Atom), and U13 (Peewee), will have 1-2 hours a week of ice and follow the 4-on-4 game-play setup advised by the OHF. Teams will consist of 8 skaters (2 lines of 4) and 1 goalie. Note that for this season, the U9 (Novice) group will be playing full ice to help with distancing.

U15 (Bantam), U18 (Midget), and U20 (Juvenille) will have 1-2 hours per week in 3 on 3, with teams if 9 skaters (3 lines of 3) and 1 goalie.

In all divisions, two teams will "cohort" together, always sharing the same practice ice, and sharing the same 5 coaches (max).

In practices, the coaches will train both teams together. In a game situation, the coaches will split to cover both benches (2 on one bench, 3 on the other). If there is only 1 trainer in the cohort, they will cover both teams.
Players and coaches cannot cross bubbles, or coach for anyone else but their team cohort. If a team is short a player, they can ask players from one of the other 3 teams within in their bubble only. There are no call-ups from below this season, only call-across. Definitely means there could be extra ice time for our players and goalies!
What if I miss Block 1 or don’t want to sign up yet?
The block setup allows for families to sign up and pay for the block as they go. If you aren’t ready to sign up for Block 1, you can wait and join in for block 2. However we cannot guarantee any team requests after Block 1 as the “returning” players from the previous block will keep their team preference priority.
Can I still request to be on my team from last year?
Team requests are allowed for U13 (Peewee) and up...BUT the math is a little tricky. Where normally we would have 15 or more to a team, we only have room for 9 or 10. Example: If 15 people choose Team A, and there's only room for 10, then 5 people are displaced. Good news is we are using cohorts that share the same ice and coaches, so we can move the overflow to Team B in the same cohort with the same coaches. And for those players who don’t care where they play, or those cases where only two or three request the same team, then we will do our best to group them together.
We may have coaches and players who were, in previous years, on opposite sides of face-off circle, now working together with a mixed team, and that's perfectly okay, because we can keep kids with coaches they know, and add in a few more players. Plus, the added bonus of being able to be called across to play with other teams in your bubble if they are short is a great way to up their competition and have some fun challenging their team-mates!
When will we get on the ice?
CYO hockey will start the first weekend in October for older divisions - U11 (Atom) and up.

U6 (FUNdamentals) and U7 (IP) will start the 3rd weekend of October.
What arena will we be at?
At the moment the city has only Seymour Hannah (the 4-pad) open, with plans to open Jack and BBA in October if the ice demand is there.
Will the change rooms be open?
Currently the city is not allowing use of change rooms. Players are asked to come as dressed as possible and put skates on rink side. NOTE that this is the rule pre-September and will likely change before the CYO is on the ice in October.
Are spectators allowed?
The rules for Seymour Hannah (4-pad) as of August do not allow spectators. Parents can come in and tie skates, but they cannot stay as it would put teams over the allowable amount of people inside. But as mentioned above, this is the situation as of August and will likely change by the time we start up in October.
What about the Hurricanes?
The Hurricanes program is diligently working on how their season will look with a travel ban, and they are reaching out to Niagara area AE teams to form a cohort and bubble with. There are no tryouts allowed, so only players who were registered with the CYO program last year will be eligible to participate in the Hurricanes this year. Consideration is also being given to opening for pre-registration and/or offering development ice only (no games) while their return-to-play plan is developed. We will post more info as soon as we have it.
Can players from Hurricanes last year play house league this year?
Of course. The decision is up to the families and players. We understand the flux of not knowing what the season will look like is a consideration for many, and we will work with all our families to make sure you’re in a place where you feel the most comfortable.
Can new players sign up for the CYO?
Players who are new to hockey, or have moved to Niagara, are absolutely welcome to join us and we would love to have you! But Niagara players who played with another association last year are restricted to staying where they were. The exception to the rule is if the association you played with last year is not offering the program this year, if they are not offering your division, or if they are full. In these cases you can register for CYO, but we will still require a standard move request as in any other year.

Local Residential Move Form:
OHF Residential Move Form:
What about the CYO’s Niagara Jr Ice Dogs program?
The Jr Dogs program leaders and volunteers are working very hard to put a safe return to play plan together for their families, and details will follow as soon as we have them!
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