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House League Select Travel Program

  1. Age divisions U7 and up are eligible to form a "House League Select Team" to participate in Hockey Canada sanctioned exhibition games and tournaments. This team will be a combined age group team for each division. A Major/Minor split will only be permitted with (1) prior approval from the CYO Board of Directors and Hockey Council or (2) there are enough players for a Major and Minor aged team.

  2. Select ice times are in addition to regular House League ice times.

  3. Players must participate in the House League Program to be eligible for the Select team. Players are permitted to participate in both House League and Select activities which occur on the same day. If a House League game is scheduled for the same time as a select activity, the player must play the House League game. However, if a House League practice is scheduled at the same time as a Select activity, then the player may participate in the select activity if he/she desires.

  4. The Director of Development will manage the House Select program and can appoint a Convener to represent him/her in all matters pertaining to the program.
Note: The Select travel loop can extend from Fort Erie to Hamilton, Toronto, Kitchener, and Burlington.

Select Coaches

  1. All Head coaches will be voted on by Hockey Council and must receive a majority vote to be approved.

  2. Head Coach: must be a current CYO member or a former CYO member in good standing. They must hold a Hockey Canada Coach 2 Level Certification and have a minimum 2 years coaching experience with CYO.

  3. Assistant Coach: must be a current coach within the CYO with a minimum of 1 year coaching experience and hold current coaching cards.

  4. Trainer: must have HTCP Level 1 Training Certification and a minimum of 1 year training experience with the CYO. The Trainer must be present at every game and practice, and ensure that a fully equipped safety kit is taken to all games and practices.

  5. Manager: must be capable of coordinating the schedule and managing team finances and complete relevant training programs such as Respect in Sport Activity Leader.

  6. Coaches and Trainers must submit their application (form found on the CYO website) to the Director of Development for consideration as early as the August Hockey Council meeting.

  7. If a satisfactory current member is not available to be a select head coach, the Hockey Council may approve a non-member to become a head coach, with this person to become a member and be bound by all CYO rules and By-Laws for the term of their appointment. This person shall not retain the title of Member after their tenure as Head Coach, nor will they become former a former member.

Maximum Number of Select Games = 30

House League Select teams shall limit play to a maximum of thirty (30) exhibition games per season including tournaments. The ALLIANCE House League Select Championships are not included in the thirty (30) game totals. No House League Select team shall play any game unless there is an approved numbered travel permit. If a Select team surpasses the 30-game limit, a $200.00/game over the limit fine be implemented to the Association and the Head Coach be suspended five games for every 1 game over the 30 game limit.

Player and Team Selection

  1. The Director of Development will approve all Select team rosters using independent evaluators during tryouts for the selection of players.

  2. A maximum of seventeen (17) House League players, two (2) goaltenders from the applicable age group, and up to five (5) team officials form the Select team.

  3. Select tryouts are open to all players and goaltenders who are interested in trying out for the team. Selection should be based on good behaviour and sportsmanship in addition to ability to play at this level, as these players represent the CYO in their travels.

  4. A minimum of three ice times, each one hour in length, will be supplied to the coaching staff to allow for team selection.

  5. Each participant must pay the League established tryout fee, and the cost of the team selection ice will be paid for from the team budget.

  6. All select teams must have a minimum of twelve (12) players and one (1) goalie by the final tryout or the team is folded for the upcoming season.

  7. Any child playing in the CYO Select program may not request a transfer to the program where the Head Coach of the Select team will be a member of the bench personnel in the following year.

  8. The fees collected by the League will be used to cover all costs associated with the team. Should there be a shortage; the Select team in question will be required to repay the difference. Should there be a surplus from the established basic budget, it will be redirected to the Select Jersey Replacement Fund.

  9. Standard CYO and Alliance Hockey Code of Conduct applies.


  1. An additional five AP players and one goaltender may be added to a select roster if they will be given ice time during games.

  2. Players registered and approved for a Select team may also affiliate to a team at Minor Development or higher classification for a maximum of five (5) games per season.

  3. If a player is playing House League up an age category, the player must play Select in his/her own age category, unless the Association does not offer Select at that age category.

Game Schedule

  1. Practices and home exhibition games must be scheduled so that they do not interfere with regular League play.

  2. Exhibition games and tournaments must be scheduled to avoid conflict with the League schedule.

  3. All tournaments and Exhibition games must be approved by the Convener or Director of Development and a valid Travel Permit must be issued before a team can play against another team. Failure to do so will result in the game not being played, and/or the suspension of the Head Coach.

  4. Game sheets must be submitted to the Director of Development within 2 days of the game being played (or before the next scheduled League/Exhibition game) for review. The Director of Development will send confirmation that the game sheet(s) were received. Unless game sheets have been handed in, no further travel permits will be approved. Should there be a back log of game sheets not returned, future travel permits may be suspended. Game sheets can be submitted electronically or dropped off at the CYO office.

  5. Any suspensions issued in League play or select play will carry over to each League according to OHF guidelines. The Head Coach or Team Manager must report any suspensions received immediately to the Director of Development and/or the Director of Risk, who will in turn forward the information the appropriate House League team.

  6. Select teams can only participate in tournaments if there is no conflict with the House League Team's attendance at a tournament or regular League games.

Select Team Fees

  1. All costs required to participate in House League Select shall be borne by the Select team participants in addition to their CYO House League fees.

  2. CYO Select fees will cover the cost of practices, exhibition games, tournaments and the entry fee for the ALLIANCE House Select Championship Tournament, as well as ALLIANCE fees and administration fees.

  3. All teams will follow a budget established by the CYO Board. An estimated budget is to be presented to the families before the final selections are made.

  4. Any fundraising must be approved by the Convener and/or Director of Development and requires approval by the parents.

  5. Player fees must be paid in full by December 15th of the current season, or players will not be permitted to participate.

  6. Team managers (or Head Coach) will present parents with a budget vs. actual report by January 1st of the current season and again prior to attending the House League Select Championships.

  7. Team Fees may include the cost of a Home and Away jersey, which the player will keep at the end of the season, and can reuse the following season if they return to the Select program.