Rotation Rules, CYO Rules (CYO Minor Hockey)

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CYO Player Rotation Rules - Regular Season and Playoffs


  1. Team line-ups will be made according to the player rotation formula.

  2. Please note that players may be placed in any position once they are on the ice.

  3. If a team has a penalty, the players will be sent out in sequence. When the penalized player returns to the bench, they will go back into the order of sequence as per the game sheet. 

    No player may be held back from his or her rotational shift more than once if the team is serving a penalty.

    When a penalty occurs, if the last player in rotation of the next shift has already been held back on the bench because of a penalty, the coach must then proceed to the player before that player in the rotation. This sequence shall continue if this situation occurs with the next available player.

    Rotation Compliance: Upon receiving a rotation complaint, a neutral member of the Board, where possible, may monitor and record any team’s rotation using a CYO approved Monitor form without notice. A neutral member of the Board, where possible, may also randomly monitor any team’s rotation throughout the course of the season.

    All rotation complaints will be submitted on an incident report form and directed to the Parish Leader and the Director of Conduct and Risk Management. 

    All monitoring records will be given to the timekeeper to submit along with the game sheet to the administrator whether an issue results from the record or not. All submitted monitor records will be reviewed by the Director of Conduct and Risk Management, prior to next divisional games.

  4. Any team that does not follow the rotation formula during the regular season or playoff games will be disciplined in the following manner: 

    First offence = warning

    Second offence during the same game = 2-minute bench minor 

    Third offence during the same game = 2-minute bench minor plus ejection of head coach from the game. If coach refuses to leave, game will be forfeited. Coach is suspended for 3 games. 

    If the above items are repeated, indefinite suspension from the League.

Major U9 to U18

  1. Goaltenders MUST be identified on the game sheet.

  2. All players must play one out of every three shifts.

  3. When changing "on the fly", the rest of the line change must be completed on the next whistle. For example, if 1 skater from 5 players on the ice changes on the fly, the remaining 4 must change by the next whistle.

  4. Five players must be changed to complete a shift.

  5. All participants must have fair ice time. No double shifting. Five players must go out before the same player goes back on.

  6. Goalies dressed and able to play must be rotated in a fair and equitable manner. 

    1 goalie: plays entire game

    2 goalies: each play one-half of each game, or full alternating games

    When playing half a game, the goalies are to switch as close as possible to the mid-game mark. Both goalies are to be added to the game sheet if playing half a game.

  7. When a situation arises where there will be two players rotating in one position (i.e. center), the players which are on the bench waiting for the next line change will go on the ice before the player who is in the two-man rotation returns to the ice. It is the responsibility of the head coach to inform the monitors of the two-man rotation system, designating their jersey numbers.