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Welcome to our wild and crazy 2020-2021 season, CYO'ers!

We know this is an absolutely abnormal start to a hockey season, and we would very much like to thank all of our parents for their help in getting us through the setup and finally to the point where we have kids on the ice.

Information for Parents for Block 1 - September 1 to October 31

The current rule with the City of St Catharines is that there are no spectators allowed inside the facilities yet. While we know that this is very hard for families who want to be able to watch their kids play, we do understand that there are a lot of safety factors involved, as well as Provincial requirements and local-health bylaws that we have to follow.


STEP 1: All parents must verbally complete the Niagara Region Health Screening Questionnaire for their player BEFORE coming to the rink for any game or practice. This link can be found right off our home page -- click FORMS in the top navigation and it is the first item. If any question is answered YES, then the child is not qualified to participate that day.

STEP 2: Dress as much as possible from home. Yes, we know this is not easy for goalies especially, but please do your best to come with as much gear on as you can.

Make sure the player has their own water bottle, and it's wise to fill it at home as not all the fountains fit all the different sized containers.

STEP 3: Arrive 15 minutes before ice time. Doors are locked until then. Coaches will meet the children outside the rink. A representative from the city will unlock the doors and admit the players 15 minutes before your ice time. This rule applies for any city facility. 


Masks only come on off when helmets go on.

Once the helmet comes off at the end of the session, the mask must go back on per city facility rules.

Currently there are NO SPECTATORS allowed inside the facilities. The moment we hear differently we will absolutely let our families know. But the coaches will do their best to make sure the kids get their gear on in the right order, the skates tied properly, and all the pieces in between.

We are only allowed 25 members inside the facility at one time. With 18 to 20 children per cohort and 5 coaches, we are at maximum capacity, so coaches will take care of tying skates as there is not room for all 18 children to have a parent come in and tie skates. If your child prefers the parent to tie skates, then please do so at home and have the child come dressed wearing skate guards.

Once the ice session is finished, players have 15 minutes to get their skates off and exit the facility. Parents have to wait outside for the children to come out.

For our NEW TO HOCKEY families


Parents must complete the online Respect in Sport course.

This 1 hour online program is designed to reinforce a parent’s role in a child’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviours, and empowers parents to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and to enhance a child's fun and camaraderie of the activity.

The online “Respect in Sport - Parent Program” is different from the “Respect in Sport - Activity Leaders Program” which is equivalent to the Speak Out Program. 

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